New book on global forestry challenges

Dr. Trevor M. Fenning is the editor of Challenges and Opportunities for the World's Forests in the 21st Century (Springer Academic Publishers). This book addresses threats and challenges to the world's forests posed by climate change, conservation objectives, sustainable development needs, and the growing demand for affordable energy. Internationally recognized experts outline research and other efforts that are needed to understand how these issues will affect the world’s forests along with the options and difficulties for dealing with them, as well as the opportunities that the world’s forests and production forestry can offer for tackling these very issues. Chapters are organized in sections on (i) sustainable forestry and conservation; (ii) forest resources worldwide; (iii) forests, forestry, and climate change; (iv) the economics of forestry; (v) tree breeding and commercial forestry; (vi) biotechnological approaches; (vii) genomic studies with forest trees; (viii) bio-energy, lignin, and wood; and (ix) forest science including ecological studies and tree diseases. More information is available at