NCASI publishes compilation of Canadian provincial and federal regulations relevant to forest management activities

The environmental regulatory landscape in Canada is comprised of federal and provincial legislative and regulatory requirements. As a result, forestry operations are subject to regulatory frameworks that vary with location and forest type. Because there are only a few key applicable regulations at the federal level, most planning, harvesting, silviculture, water, and conservation issues are regulated by the provincial governments. Some provinces have very complex and comprehensive laws and regulations, while other provinces have more straightforward regulatory requirements.

NCASI recently posted Special Report No. 14-03, Compilation of Canadian Provincial and Federal Regulations Relevant to Forest Management Activities, which provides a framework for considering the comparability of regulatory requirements across the nation. A companion Excel workbook consists of a list of forestry-related legislation and regulation along with their general and detailed descriptions, and information on tenure types (by province), forest management practices, and guidelines for watercourse protection across Canada.

NCASI member companies may access an electronic version of Special Report No. 14-03 at
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