Federal climate change adaptation report released

Recently, federal agencies released a report describing the status of climate change adaptation by federal agencies that study and manage land and water resources. For agencies with a mandate to manage public land and/or water, the report focuses on (1) guiding documents (strategic plans, climate change science and adaptation plans, etc.); (2) education efforts (for employees, stakeholders, and the public); (3) partnerships (collaborations with other agencies, organizations, and stakeholders); (4) vulnerability assessments (activities that evaluate sensitivity, exposure, and adaptive capacity of resources to climate change); and (5) adaptation planning (efforts aimed at reducing vulnerabilities and minimizing impacts on agency mission). For agencies that produce science relevant to natural resource management, the report describes programs related to climate change science and adaptation and education programs.

The report notes that much of the efforts to date consist of collaboration to develop climate change vulnerability assessments and adaptation options. The report, Climate Change Adaptation in United States Federal Natural Resource Science and Management Agencies: A Synthesis, was developed under the auspices of the Adaptation Science Interagency Working Group, Interagency Land Management Adaptation Group, and sponsored by the U.S. Forest Service.  


Halofsky, J.E., D.L. Peterson, and K.W. Marcinkowski (2015). Climate change adaptation in United States federal natural resource science and management agencies: A synthesis. Washington, DC: U.S. Global Change Research Program. http://www.globalchange.gov/browse/reports/climate-change-adaptation-united-states-federal-natural-resource-science-and.