CPAT 2.0 Demo

NCASI developed the Climate Projection Analysis Tool (CPAT) to enable organizations to summarize climate projections for locations of interest in the conterminous United States. Version 1.0 of the tool was released in 2022.

NCASI subsequently partnered with the summer Undergraduate Forestry Data Science Research group (UFDS) at Harvard University to update CPAT. The UFDS program seeks to expose undergraduate students in various academic fields to the fields of forestry and statistics.

The undergraduate students that developed the CPAT 2.0 demo focused on including uncertainty estimates associated with future climate projections and improving the functionality of the user interface for a limited geographic extent (New Hampshire and Vermont) as a demonstration of the tool.

Click here to access the demo app.

Click here to download the accompanying UFDS Technical Report and User Guide.

NCASI Member Company staff may access the full version of CPAT 2.0 and user guide (website login required).