NCASI Conference 2022 – Wood Products

*Some presentations have been removed from the recordings at the request of the presenter.
Wood Products 1: PCWP and MACT Reconsideration

Regulatory Update (PCWP and Beyond) – Tim Hunt (AF&PA)
* not included in the recording

Initial Findings from ICR Test Report Review – Derek Sain (NCASI)

NCASI has undertaken an extensive quality assurance review of results from EPA’s recent source testing information collection request (ICR). This presentation will summarize that review process and highlight common issues identified in several test reports. High-level observations and takeaways from the review will also be provided.

Lessons Learned from ICR Source Testing – Bryan Tyler (Enthalpy Analytical, LLC), Jason Young (Arauco North America), Kristina Schafer (Montrose Environmental), Lawrence Otwell (Advanced Industrial Resources (Air))

Individuals from all aspects of EPA’s source testing information collection request, including mill, analytical, and test company representatives, will share their ICR experiences and lessons learned as part of a panel discussion. This panel will provide audience members with a full appreciation for the level of effort required to complete the information request and share will share watch-outs from that testing that may prove useful in the future.

Wood Products 2: Northwest Regional Topics and Technical Updates

Strategies for Lumber Kiln Testing and Reporting Emission Data – Ric Law (NCASI)

This presentation gives a brief summary of difficulties with testing full-scale lumber kilns and strategies developed as surrogate test methods. A discussion will be provided on the available kiln emission data, including updates to the NCASI Wood Products database and the EPA Region 10’s strategy for estimating kiln emissions of western wood species. An update will also be provided on the NCASI small-scale kiln pilot project.

Permitting a Lumber Kiln in the PNW and New Challenges – Jacob Odekirk (PotlatchDeltic)
* not included in the recording

Negotiating an Air Permit – Complications and Resources – Beth Fifield Hodgson (Spring Environmental, Inc.)
* not included in the recording

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