Sustainability & Climate

Water Sustainability

Water sustainability initiatives and activities continue to proliferate, and it is important that water use in the forest products industry is properly understood and characterized within these initiatives, including consideration of the water/energy nexus. The challenge for many Member Companies will be to demonstrate responsible use of water while being located in areas with abundant water resources. In this context, NCASI’s objectives in this focus area are to

1) characterize efficient use of water to help ensure continued access to, and sustainability of, water resources; and
2) to review and/or develop water footprinting and accounting methodologies, along with water sustainability and risk frameworks.

Water Sustainability


Water Use & Consumption

The pulp and paper industry is a large industrial user of water, as it is used in nearly every step in the manufacturing process. While the industry is a large user of water it has low water consumption.

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Water Reuse & Recycle

The concept of water recycle is useful in water resource management dialogue because it is a measure of how efficiently water is being used.

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